Passionate About Your Health Care

Medical Excellence In The Eastern Suburbs

Passionate About Your Health Care

Medical Excellence In The Eastern Suburbs

If you think you have measles, please call us before coming to the practice so we can explain our isolation procedure before you arrive.

Our Focus

At St Heliers Health Centre we focus on you and your health. From the moment you join our general practice we use all our knowledge, skill and experience to provide you and your family with the best quality health care available. We are passionate about general practice and are committed to working with you to keep you healthy, to find out what is wrong when you are sick and to give you the best possible treatment.

Doctors & Nurses
Your doctors and nurses are highly trained both in New Zealand and overseas and have all  specialised in general practice. Your team at St Heliers Health Centre has specialised in all your primary health  needs and we feel privileged to care for everyone from newborn babies to the elderly. We are well organised, friendly and welcoming, and we respect and understand the important part we play in your life.
Medical Records
We use information technology designed for NZ general practices (computers, computer programs and the internet). Your medical records are kept clear and up-­to-­date and contain all the details to assist your doctor in his or her ongoing relationship with you. Rapid and accurate sharing of information with hospitals and specialists are important so that we can get your medical care right.
Medical Standards
St Heliers Health Centre is a Cornerstone Practice. This is a mark of quality awarded by the  (RNZCGP indicating that we have achieved high standards and are maintaining these high standards. Our doctors have also achieved a qualification level recognised by the College (Member or Fellow of the RNZCGP).

About Us

St Heliers Health Centre is a Cornerstone Practice. This is a continuous qualification which means we are constantly reviewing the quality of our practice to ensure that we are maintaining the standards according to the NZ Royal College of Practitioners.

Consultations are by appointment only. Our standard consultation time is 15 minutes.


Opening Hours

8am – 5.30pm

Dr Peter Clemo

General Practitioner

Dr Geraldine Poynter

General Practitioner

Dr Ruth Bannister

General Practitioner

Dr Charlotte Wright

General Practitioner

Dr Coran Turner

General Practitioner

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