Nursing Services

Our nurses trained in New Zealand and bring different nursing backgrounds and skills to their work at St Heliers Health Centre. They are friendly and approachable and are proud to give you an expert level of nursing care at all times. As well as providing their usual nursing advice and services they can coordinate your care with other health providers. They are aware that as nurses they can provide an insightful holistic approach to you and your family’s health care and well­being.

Childhood Immunisations

Protect your child with free immunisations according to the National Immunisation Schedule. Our nurses can give full advice about these and other unfunded vaccinations that are available, such as chickenpox, meningococcal C and hepatitis A vaccinations.


Adult Vaccinations

Our nurses can also advise and administer vaccinations such as influenza, whooping cough, shingles and tetanus vaccinations.


Travel Advice and Vaccinations

Meet our ‘travel medicine’ nurses. When you provide a list of the exact countries you are visiting, they will give you advice about the travel vaccinations needed for your destinations, provide safe travel information and help put together a travel medical pack, if needed. Please phone reception to book your travel consult with the nurse.

Zoledronate (“Aclasta”) infusion for bone protection

This is an IV infusion for the treatment of osteoporosis (“thin bones”) as advised by your doctor. You will need to have had an initial appointment with the doctor to arrange a blood test and organise a prescription.
Please phone reception to book your Aclasta infusion.

Blood Pressure Reviews

Your doctor may ask you to get your blood pressure checked or you may decide that you want to have this checked yourself.


Cervical Smears

Corrine and Jen are our nurse smear takers for routine smears.


Diabetes Reviews

If you have diabetes an annual nurse review ensures that you are getting all the appropriate care and management, including a foot check, eye check and general discussion about well-being.


Ear Cleaning

For many people ear syringing to remove wax is an effective and safe nurse treatment. For more complicated problems we highly recommend ear suctioning (rather than syringing). Your GP will advise you about this.


An ECG is a heart recording that can be done on site as advised by your doctor.



This is a computer-assisted respiratory (lung) investigation as advised by your doctor.


Accident and Wound Care

Our nurses are well-trained in accident and wound care management and the use of the best dressings to ensure appropriate healing.

Liquid Nitrogen Treatment

For treating skin lesions that have previously been assessed by your doctor or for treating troublesome warts.

Urine Infection Diagnosis & Treatment

For testing and treatment of uncomplicated urinary infections (‘bladder infection” or “cystitis”).

Elderly Healthcare Planning & Advice

Our nurses are frequently involved in advising and assisting older people to plan their living arrangements and care when the need arises.

Lab testing and Xray results

Our nurses have a wide knowledge of the problems shown in blood tests and Xrays and will be talking with you and advising you about these as needed.

Stop Smoking Advice

Our nurses are very keen to provide advice and support to smokers wanting to quit the habit.